A Management Study of Ebay

Topics: Yahoo!, Michael Eric Dyson, Fortune 500 Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Traci Fuqua
Intro to Management 31237
Internet Assignment # 5

A Management Study of Ebay
In considering which company I should do my assignment on one thing came to mind, the convenience of shopping on-line. Keeping that in mind the company I selected was eBay. The CEO is Margaret C Whitman and I admire her because of how far the company has come under her leadership. She took a company that essentially a mom and pop operation and made it into a company now listed on the Fortune 500 list. In nine years she has led what was once a start up company with 30 employees to an international firm with revenues of more than $6 billion. In 2005, Forbes named her in the top five of the most powerful women.

She went to Princeton with the intentions of becoming a doctor originally but changed gears and majored in economics instead. After completing her course studies at Princeton she went on to Harvard where she got her MBA in 1979. After graduating she worked at Proctor and Gamble for two years before moving on to Bain & Company as a consultant where she became Vice President after just eight years. Since leaving Bain & Co, she has worked in various companies such as Disney as an executive in the consumer products division and Stride Rite where she launched a shoe line for babies.

Since she joined eBay she has had some tremendous achievements. Under Margaret’s direction some of the recent achievements of the company are in May of 2006 eBay merged with Yahoo to form a multi-year partnership so gain access to millions more internet surfers. In this deal eBay gained access to not only the Yahoo search engines but a potential to gain use of Google’s search engines whose user numbers were waning at the time and make Pay Pal the payment method on both sites. In 2007 she fostered a deal between two major airline companies, Southwest and Northwest to accept payment for airfare through the newly acquired Pay Pal system on their sites. On a personal level,...
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