A Man Who Had No Eyes

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  • Published : October 8, 2011
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Mr. Parsons and Markwardt were blinded in factor explosion. What characteristic does Mr. P posses that allows him to become successful? I believe it’s Mr. P’s positive attitude toward life, his fortitude and his ability to move on from the past that allowed him to become successful. He and Markwardt both lost their eyesight from the explosion, but Parsons looked it as an obstacle before his success. He thought of the bright side of the incident, “he was very glad to be alive.”(Kantor) For a blind person, every little thing gets difficult. Normal people can’t even imagine the world without light, but he bore it with great fortitude and at the same time he tried his best to find a way to live with pride and respect, “and he had done it alone, unaided, struggling beneath handicaps” (Kantor) When he meet Markwardt at first, he bought something he does need just to help out Markwardt. When Markwardt finished his lying story on how he was halt back by a guy bigger than he was during the escape, Parsons’ reaction was calm and plainly as he revealed himself as the victim who got climbed over by Markwardt. Markwardt has been trapped in his memory for fourteen years, he retell his story everyday to win pity from passengers. But as he review the story, the idea of blind is pitiful got in him harder and harder. The opposite, Parsons threw away the past and focused on the present and there he is, “successful, respected, admired…” Mr. Parson knew what it takes to success and he did it.
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