A Man Who Had No Eyes

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Artist’s Statement

I chose “A Man Who Had No Eyes” to illstrate because the cover of the short story was very eye-catching. The cover is black and white with an old man holding a cane and a hat. He looks very sad and helpless and the background is very dark and gloomy. The whole atmosphere of the picture made me wonder what happened to this old man. This is the reason why I chose this story. The part that my graphic novel adaptation wanted to show was the difference between Mr. Parsons and Mr. Markward. The way they deal with life is blind yet still manages to become a sucessful person. On the other hand, Mr. Markward does not work hard and becomes a beggar. In addition, he lies to people about what happened to him in the past. The tone and the mood I wanted to communicate is sadness.

The story I chose for my graphic novel adaptation is a short story called “A Man Who Had No Eyes” by Mackinlay Kanor. This story is about two gentlement who experienced a serious accident in the past and how they deal with it differently. The reason I chose this story because I was impressed by the cover. An old man with no emotion showing on his face appears to be begging for money. This image makes me want to know what happened to this old man. According to this srory, the beggar, Mr. Markward, appoachs Mr. Parsons on the street. Mr. Parsons feel sorry for him. Mr. Markward is trying to sell the lighter to Mr. Parsons and Mr. Parsons finally bought it. Than Mr. Markward doesn’t want Mr. Parsons to go because he wants more money from him. Mr. Markward starts telling his story from the past and how he ended up blind. Apparently Mr. Markward lost his eyesight in the chemical explosion. When the accident occurred he was trying to run away, but someone behind him grabbed his leg and hauled him back and climbed over him. That is the reason why he lost his eyesight. However, Mr. Parsons does not agree with Mr. Markward story. Mr. Markward is...
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