A Man of All Seasons

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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A Man of All Seasons
The movie starts off with Sit Thomas More objecting to King Henry VIII’s plan to divorce so he can remarry to have a son to be the next king. He wants to marry Anne Boleyn and More is the only one to argue against him. More says how the Pope will never grant him a divorce either. Wolsey suggests that they apply "pressure" in order to force the issue upon the Pope. More refuses to support Henry at all with this issue. More then goes home by boat and finds Richard Rich for him. Rich begs More for a position at Court, but More tells him to become a teacher instead. When More returns home, he finds his daughter Meg with a young Lutheran named William Roper, who announces his desire to marry her. More, who is Catholic, says that this is not allowed. Then, Wolsey dies and is banished from Court in disgrace, having failed to persuade a divorce from the Pope. Then King Henry appoints More as Lord Chancellor of England. The King then makes a surprise visit to More's home in Chelsea ask about his divorce. Sir Thomas does not want to break up a valid marriage, even though the King promises Royal favor. The King explodes into a rage when he does not get his way and storms off. Rich is approached by Thomas Cromwell, a member of Henry's court and an opponent of More. Cromwell subtly asks whether Rich has information that could damage More's reputation, in exchange for a position at Court. Roper declares that by attacking the Catholic Church, the King has become "the Devil's minister." More and his family then learn that Rich is being manipulated by Cromwell to spy on him. More's family wants to have Rich arrested. More refuses because even though he is dangerous, he hasn’t broken any laws. Rich then joins Cromwell in attempting to bring down More. Henry then redefines the Catholic Church in England by declaring himself Supreme Head of the Church in England. More is interrogated on his opinions but refuses to answer. Cromwell says that the King now views...
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