A Magical Moment

Topics: Italy, Hiking, Mediterranean Sea Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: April 12, 2013
It was during the last summer break, my husband and I went to hike across the Alps on an ‘inn_ to_inn’ treak starting in the Alpi maritime nature reserve in Italy and finishing at the Mediterranean sea near the stunning town of Menton on the French Riviera. On our way from the mountains to the seaside, which is known as, ‘Route ‘de sel’ we explored classic, high alpine landscapes, bronze age, petroglyphs, and the historical villages and hamlets of the royal valley which boasts exquisite painted chapels hidden gems of the, ‘Azure Alps’, which is unknown as a beautiful mountainous region.

The first day was a day to recover from jet lag and test our skills, on a hike in the high Alps from the tiny town of Palanfre to the base of Monte Frisson, which is nicknamed Piccolo Cervino (the ‘little matter horn’) we tried to go on the challenge to retake a difficult route to the high pass Passo della Mena overlooking the remote frontier area between Italy and France.

Then next day we began our ‘mountain to the sea’, trek by hiking from Italy across the Alps to France via the Colle cli Sabbions. The hike was really rugged and challenge but our reward for this hike were the wildest sceneries, the Alps mountain had to offer. We also enjoyed an excellent measure of solitude which is often hard to come by in the Europe’s mountains. At the end of the day we were at a mountain inn in the small French mountain settlement of Casterino to relax and complete our hike.

We continued our journey by trekking through the high valleys surrounding Mont Bego. This remote corner of the Alps is renowned for its innumerable Bronze age petroglyphs, it’s one of the largest concentration of the rock art anywhere in the Alps. We ascended into the picturesque alpine basin of trees. Also, because of the geography of this area, we were able to return to Casterino of a second night after completing this trek.

From Les Mesches, we descended on foot along the Torrent de Bieuge to the village of...
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