A Magical Experience of Christmas Joy

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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A Magical Experience of Christmas Joy
The smell of pine floats through the air, lights gleam through the dark night as children exuberate with smiles from ear to ear, shopping bags are ravishing through crowds and bells are ringing bringing on the Christmas cheer. It is twenty three days before Christmas in New York and everyone is full of joy. As the cold winter wind brushes against faces the taps of the Rockettes from Radio City Music Hall can be heard faintly. The Christmas Spectacular is about to start , with a baritone “ Ho Ho Ho” from the narrator Chris Kringle, or as some may call Santa, is ready to bring the audience of 6,000 back to their childhoods. The beautiful Rockettes grace the stage as Santa’s reindeer as the mezzo piano piccolos and bells play andante leading to the sleigh ride into New York. The tempo change in the music to allegro, rushes the audience to put on 3D glasses for added graphical surprises, while the orchestra plays mezzo forte french horns and trumpets announcing Santa’s arrival. The audience applauds and the curtains fall as musical numbers changes. Curtains are raised as the sparkling white tutu Rockettes performs an original instrumental version of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. The cumulative arrangement is profound and although performed with out lyrics the unusual irregular meter composition makes the song easily noticeable. The show continues with multiple outstanding performances from the famous “Parade of Wooden Soldiers” to “Here Comes Santa Claus”, one after the other all equally excellent. Another amazing 3D surprise is added into the heart of the show as a mother and her daughter play a video game to assist Santa defend off the Humbugs from ruining Christmas. With the orchestra changing tempos rapidly from lento to then allegro and dynamics adding to the suspense and the texture have much imitation the video game is a huge hit with the crowd. Children are yelling “I want to play” to their parents as the...