A Magical Dream

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  • Published : December 1, 2010
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A Magical Dream

My heart is pounding faster than a drum line during a college football game and I have a feeling inside my stomach as if there is a dancing leprechaun doing back flips. My family and I have arrived! I walk in slow motion with tiny steps through the tall magical gates with my head held high reading the glistering sign that says, “Welcome to the Magic Kingdom.” I whisper under my breath “I can’t believe I am here” as if I just stepped into a land of imagination. Before I could blink, I had stumbled upon the most popular character in existence! He waddles over to ruffle my hair, I yell with excitement, Mickey! I hug him as if there was no tomorrow, with a grip that could only be released if my arms were cut off.

There are a total of seven themed lands in the Magic Kingdom according to the official map I hold in my sweaty palms when I extend it out towards the blistering sun for better light. I follow the arrows carefully on the signs while my eyes are glued to all the glamour around me of what is a magical dream. I stagger into the first land; Main Street USA. The more I walk, the more it seems as if I had just taken a time machine back into the early 20th century small-town America, which by the way, is inspired by Walt Disney’s boyhood and the classic movie Lady and the Tramp. As I am strolling down Main Street, I can see an old fashioned movie theatre and the smell of absolutely terrific freshly cooked dough being wrapped into a pretzel; the scrumptious taste of cotton candy disintegrating in my mouth as I feel my teeth beginning to decay. Along these old fashioned brick roads are bizarre little shops, and an antique barber shop that had just reminded me, I need to get my staggering long hair cut. The best part of this long stroll through Main Street USA is what stands at the end, Cinderella’s enchanting castle that marks the center of the park! The day has just begun and I am in the center of the park where six flawless pathways await me...
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