A Magic World

Topics: Mind, Fear, 2006 singles Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: May 8, 2013
A Magic World

I know the topic I want to talk a little childish to my eighteen years but is something that inspires me tell. The first time I went to Disney World was for fifteen wonderful and unforgettable days. The excitement was so great that I could not sleep the night before I travel and was so sad when I had to return to real life. Yes, because this is a world of fantasy and reality come together and become one, like the horizon, the sea and sky come together and you're not sure which is the end or beginning of each. In this world where no matter where you come from or how old you are because all are equal, all are children of the same language and the same dreams. I do not know why or who has inspired me so much about this, is to go to that place makes me explode with laughter and yet defies my greatest fear ... the heights. I wish my phobia there to enjoy one hundred percent as brothers rather than a sixty percent. But there other things that I have fear or respect as the sharks and was willing to get into a pool full of sharks to swim with them and did not care. The problem is that adults did not like the idea. But it's so crazy, it opens my mind there and nothing is enough to stop my urge to laugh and nothing bothers me. There comes a time when you feel in China, Japan, Mexico, on the moon, in the past and in the future all together at the same time, all at once as a fruit mousse and make you addicted and did not want is completed and just think of that fence very, very slow almost to a halt to enjoy it more. There will come a time that equals six, ten, or eleven o'clock at night. Because the days are getting longer and the happiest nights with music, lights and dancing. I only know only one person who thinks the opposite of all this that eh said. And do not think it's because it's a boring or the height scare you or that their interests are different, I think it's just a small reason and .... Ah never gone. And knows not realize is that there is no...
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