A Love Story

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  • Published : February 10, 2011
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This is a true story about two people who fall in love breaking all the odds of the family tradition and cultures. It was one of the most unbelievable things that could happen in our life. She being the hot shot and me not at all happening creature It had all began when I started adding people as in girls cause I’m a teenage boy seeking fun. One fine day I added this girl called “Drishti Chhabria”. She hadn’t accepted my request but she did reply to it asking some question, I replied them with satisfying answer than she had accepted my request. It all happened in the month of March somewhere in the start. Then we came to know each other started talking. On the 12th of April I had to go to an exhibition to help Sanjay Sippy. It was the last day of the exhibition so we had a party in the night. I had a bike and a car in my hand so was having fun riding and driving it. In the night Drishti had messaged me so I replied should I come to see u and all those stuff in that I had given my number to her but I hadn’t ask her for her no. Next day will cycling at carter rd around 8 30 pm she did call me to meet. This was the first encounter with Neha and Rashmi varma and drishti. It was a just a minute meet I was late had to go so they were too. The next day we had met for a long time but Drishti had told me that Neha had lots of attitude in her which I had never seen. Recently this was solved. Neha did tell me somehow she never had any attitude when we ever met “so cute of her”. Then they had got there SSC results and Drishti had called me saying don’t talk to her for invalid reason which were of no use. I was shocked it can’t be possible this was almost two to three months later. During this interval, I did try contacting Neha but she wasn’t interested so even I said why to give her attention. But there was something magical between Neha and me. I did contact her on 5th...
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