A Love Story

Topics: Nicholas Sparks, Family, The Notebook Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The Notebook
Written by: Nicholas Sparks

This love story takes us back to the summer of 1941, when Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson were deeply in love. After having a wonderful summer Allie had to go away with her father because he didn’t approve of Noah. Half a decade had passed and Allie is having doubts about getting married to a wealthy lawyer because she can’t stop thinking about her memories with Noah. Back in North Carolina Noah just had got back from World War 2 and was sitting on his front porch, having constant flash backs about a girl he lost. It was now weeks before the wedding and Allie was freaking out because she just found out her mother kept from her hundreds of letters Noah had sent her the past 5 years. She was so eager to tell Noah what had happened, that same week she left to see him without telling anyone. On her way there she read all the letters telling her how much he missed her. When she pulled up to the drive way, Noah was shocked. He didn’t want to talk to her after what he thought she did. Allie finally got through to him and explained everything. It was like the summer in 1941 all over again. After a week of Allie missing, her mother was the only one that new where she would be. One morning Allie’s mother was standing at Noah’s door step. He was gone fishing, but when Allie saw her mom she didn’t know how to tell her mom she was having an affair. Her mom told her that the same thing happened to her. Allie’s mom cheated on her dad but didn’t stay with the man she loved and married her dad. She told her to not make the same mistake she made and to stay with the man she really loved. It was now 1997 and Noah and Allie lived in a resting home, after getting married, having a wonderful life together and having children. Allie was no idea who Noah or her family are but he is still there for her. She would sometimes...
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