A Look through Deaths Eyes

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Creative Writing – Look through Deaths Eyes

“Ships in the distance have every mans wish on board,” Grandpa always used to tell me that every time we saw a cruise ship going by our Beach house on the Florida shore. I never understood it until he had passed away.

When someone dies you enter their wise world, to understand what things you never understood, I was the one grandpa picked to view his world. This is the story of what I saw. Time-lapse 50 years prior to my death, Vietnam. The horror, the things you don’t see in the history books, the lies our government told the people. Children being killed the innocent casualties. Why am I here? This country is murdering innocent people, this pointless war. “Duck, Watch out, Robert!” “I’m Shot, I’m shot,” I scream in agony. Percy, the one who warned me, ends up saving my life, who knew a cut shirt can save a life. Percy dragged me to the medical ship 3 km south of my location. The whole time on the ship I prayed for my life. Wishing that my future generations will carry my name, I was only twenty, with no wife or children, which was until I met Carey. We started things out pretty fast; we married 3 months after meeting in 1970, we had our first child Nicholas a year after our marriage and a daughter Janet, three years after Nicholas. Two kids, and an un-employed wife and me in a hell whole of a job, lets face it I was broke. I needed money; I went to work on a fishermen boat. We had contracts with all the major fish corporations. Eventually years later, that very boat turned into a ship, after years and years of hard work and promotions, my dreams of making my family happy and financial secure had come true. Being back to my own state of mind, I read on and on, there were many pieces of this journal ripped out. Where did the pages go, I asked myself? Did he only want me to see the good in his life? I was expecting much more than these brief stories, but then I remembered all the times we shared...
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