A Look at Silence of the Lambs

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  • Published : November 1, 2007
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Silence of the Lambs

In the book Silence of the Lambs (Harris, 1988) the whole plot is based around three main characters. Clarice Starling, a precociously self-disciplined FBI trainee who is put into the position of trying to unravel the mind of an evil genius, Hannibal the cannibal Lecter, in order to find the answers needed to capture the serial killer, Jame Gumb, also known as Buffalo Bill. Hannibal the Cannibal Lecter, a former psychiatrist, is in a mental institute for his ferocious attacks. Hannibal is known as a monster by many who surround him. The final main character is James Gumb, also known as Buffalo Bill. Throughout the story he is committing horrible acts of murder and skinning of many females in pursuit of becoming a female himself. The psychological background is very strong in all of the characters, lending to their believability. The intrigue of Gumb with moths is particularly worth noting, since there is very little evidence of prior criminals being documented as having used this sort of post mortem decoration, yet the logic of the idea is impeccable. There is suspense and conflict throughout the story to keep the readers attention and to help show the relationships throughout the book. Starling is the protagonist in the book, and the majority of the story line takes place from her point of view. She is driven by memories of her childhood, which is a recurring theme throughout the book. Most of these are in the form of flashbulb memories, a recollection of an event so powerful that the recollection is highly vivid and richly detailed, as if it were preserved on film. She draws upon these memories for courage, and they give her the strength of will to accomplish whatever task it is she is about to perform. Through the discussions with Lecter, she is finding out the truths of her own past. Also, by taking the step to move ahead of her past and talking to Lecter she is finding out how to solve the case with the evidence that is right...
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