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A Long Way Down 2

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A Long Way Down

When a race, religion, or ethnicity becomes alienated, treated inhumanely, or stripped of rights many injustices are needlessly committed. In the past, such treatment has brought about incidents such as centuries of slavery and years of genocide. The world has profiled groups such as blacks, Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, and the mentally handicapped and has still not found out which group is the cause of all global problems. The world is once again dealing with issues of racial hate due to inaccurate generalizations resulting from Middle Eastern terrorists. Racial profiling in airports involves the airport security staff choosing suspects based on race. Security may search passenger lineups and pick out those who are of Middle Eastern descent and examine them extensively in the name of national security. Racial profiling as a central method of airport security screening should not be used since it goes against Canada’s fundamental values and its reputation, it may cause harm to individuals and races affected, and also because other methods of detection have been proven less bias in the selection process and more effective in threat detection.

Canada has a worldwide reputation as a nation that accepts diversity and promotes multicultural acceptance. Canada plays a significant role in worldwide peacekeeping missions presenting its image as a peaceful nation wishing to end global conflict through peaceful means. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms presents Canada as a nation that believes in equality and fair treatment for all of its citizens and protects them from any form of discrimination. Though Canada encourages equality it also allows airports to extensively search passengers based on the color of their skin and their background clearly violating rights guaranteed to Canadian citizens.

When a person is asked to walk over to an airport security staff member for a precautionary search it is both offensive and humiliating. It is...

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