A Little Bit About a Lot of Me: Another Time and a Different Place

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Gregory P Mulvenna
Professor Haines
Basic Writing
21 January 2013
A Little Bit about a Lot of Me: Another Time and a Different Place
Greg Mulvenna was and still is one of the most influential, non-barbaric, mostly-scientific, accident-prone, college-degreed, certifiable individuals I have ever known; especially, however, or better yet, of course he is me.

Although my life started on the 4th of January 1973, it subsequently ended and restarted again, several minutes nineteen years later on the 10th of April 1992; and with all of that said, I am here now and of sound body and mind. Through all that has happened, I have been left with or dealt this grandiose poker-hand of plentiful opportunities.

With some of my most astounding accomplishments not being by myself, but with friends of mine and a bit more that just a few brilliant doctors and highly-trained nurses at University of Thomas Jefferson Hospital, I believe it to be of the utmost importance in acknowledging them, concerning my health and well being, for a job well done. They saved my friends’ lives as well on that occasion, although one is paraplegic, and one has passed since. And then they brought me back to life a couple of times too. This provided me with the favorable chances to pursue all of my hopes and dreams of one day becoming and architect or an architectural engineer.

Awaking from a, three and a half to four month, Glasgow scale 2T medically induced coma, I was back, at least parts of both my body and brain being salvaged. Even though I was back, I had a great deal to cope with. I had to learn to walk, talk, and write all over again, just like I did as an infant. The doctors at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital noticed something in me when I was first brought to them: that I had a zest for life, even knowing that I was still in a coma when I had arrived there. They enrolled me in the proper neurological therapies for me to become a productive citizen once again. These therapies included...
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