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Topics: Arteries of the abdomen, Internal iliac artery, Superior mesenteric artery Pages: 9 (979 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Helpful(ish) mnemonics:
Block 1:
Types of fascia (not fascists): Stupid Stalin Communist Dictator: Subcutaneous
Deep investing
(richard bruno)
Block 2:
Layers in anterolateral abdominal wall (superficial to deep): Skin Can Seem Extraordinarily Interesting To The Expert Physician: Skin
Camper's fascia
Scarpa's fascia
External oblique
Internal oblique
Transversus abdominus
Transversalis fascia
Extraperitoneal fat
Parietal peritoneum
(richard bruno)

Functions of the Liver: BEGeTS
Bile production
Glycogen storage
Toxin inactivation
Serum protein production
(richard bruno)

Branches of Abdominal Aorta: Prostitutes Cause Sunken Swollen Red Gonads InMen Living In Sin: inferior Phrenic aa
Celiac trunk
middle Suprarenal aa
Superior mesenteric a
Renal aa
Gonadal aa
Inferior Mesenteric a
Lumbar aa
common Iliac aa
median Sacral a

Branches of the Abdominal Aorta: PCM Students aRe Great In Lab: inferior Phrenic aa.
Celiac trunk
Middle suprarenal aa.
Superior mesenteric a.
Renal aa.
Gonadal aa.
Inferior mesenteric a.
Lumbar aa.
... then comes the bifricuation and the common iliacs, etc. etc. (Valerie Carlberg)

Branches of Abdominal Aorta:
ICMS R GICMS (ikkums are gikkums)
(Brian Garvey)

Muscles used for inspiration: DIES
Interchondral part of internal intercostals
External oblique

Muscles used for (forced) expiration: TIIRE
Transversus abdominis
Internal intercostals(except those near midline)
Internal oblique
Rectus abdominis
External oblique
(Brian Garvey)

Contents of the spermatic cord: VAG PC
Vas deferens
Artery of vas deferens
Gonadal (testicular) artery
Pampiniform venous plexus
Cremaster muscle's artery
(Brian Garvey)

Right Inguinal canal (roof & floor): ITALIA-O:
Inguinal ligament (floor)
Transverus Abdominis (roof)
Lacunate ligament (floor)
Internal Abdominal Oblique (roof)
See diagram: [[1]]
(richard bruno)
Retroperitoneal Viscera - SAD PUCKER
Suprarenal glands(adrenal glands)
Duodenum (2nd/3rd Secondarily Retroperitoneal)
Pancreas (Secondarily Retroperitoneal except tail)
Colon (ascending/descending Secondarily Retroperitoneal)
Esophagus (Secondarily Retroperitoneal)
Rectum (Secondarily Retroperitoneal)
(Ricky Tavangari)

Valve Cusps in the Heart

The Right Atrium TAPS: Tricuspid with Anterior, Posterior and Septal The Left Atrium goes BAP: Bicuspid Anterior, Posterior

PeARLS: Pulmonary, Anterior, Right, Left Semilunar
ALPS: Aorta, Left/Right Posterior Semilunar
OK, you have to remember R/L for the L in ALPS, or else it would be ARLPS

Branches off the aortic arch are as simple as the abc's: Aorta Brachiocephalic Common Corotid Subclavian Sarah Williams

Branches of the SMA (superior mesenteric artery).
Think of the man who some might call the 'superior' 007: "Sean Connery In froM Russia wIth Love." Translation: Inferior pancreaticduodenal artery, Middle colic artery, Right colic artery, Intestinal arteries, iLeocolic artery.

Branches of the IMA (inferior mesenteric artery).
Think of the man some might call the 'inferior' 007: "Sir Roger (Moore) in the Spy who Loved (me)." Translation: Superior Rectal, Marginal, Sigmoidal, Left Colic.

Branches of Internal Iliac Artery: U Oughta INVent MoRe ImPortant IGnoble ILLustrations for StudyGuides and LectureSlides: Umbilical
INferior Vesicular (or Uterine)
Middle Rectal
Internal Pudendal
Inferior Gluteal
Superior Gluteal
Lateral Sacral
(richard bruno)

Borders of the inguinal canal: FARP: LI EI TI TC
F(loor): Lacunar, Inguinal ligaments
A(nterior): External oblique, Internal oblique
R(oof): Transversus abd, Internal oblique
P(osterior):Transversalis fascia, Conjoint tendon
(Brian Garvey)
Inferior vena cava tributaries I Like To Rise So High:
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