A Light in the Forest Synopsis

Topics: Family, Native Americans in the United States, Kill Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: December 19, 2012
In the beginning of The Light in the Forest we met True Son, a boy who was born European but was taken in by the Indian village of Tuscarawas. He had been with them for so many years that he was now one of them. True son also believed that his Indian father named Cuyloga replaced his white blood and spirit with that of the Indians. True son was very surprised to learn that he had to leave to go with the whites even though he had heard rumors of it. Despite his struggles, the whites took True Son with them to become one of their own. True Son hated this because for most of his life, he had been taught to view the whites as enemies. True Son traveled with the whites to Pennsylvania to be taken care of by a man named Del, who knew the language True Son spoke with his tribe. True son couldn't bear the thought of living with the whites and became very hopeless and sad. He even considered suicide but Del stopped him. He also got to talk to his cousin Half Arrow which cheered him up. They arrived in the town and he was returned to his father named Harry Butler. True son didn't like his father and he felt that the white community was like prison compared to the freedom of the Native American tribe. Del stayed with the Butlers to translate for True Son and to keep him in line. They then soon after traveled to another town to meet True Son’s full family. He met his mother Myra, little brother Gordie, and his aunt Kate. He also learned that his real name was John Butler. But True Son hates his white family and refused to accept them as his own, except for his brother Gordie who True Son had a connection with. True Son got into an argument with his uncle over whether or not the group the Paxton boys had the right to kill the Indians, but the argument resulted in True Son getting slapped. Over time, True Son became more and more hopeless of seeing his indian family again and became more adapt to his white family. However he got to talk to half arrow again one night. But, the...
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