A Life Taken Away

Colin Heraty
English 191

A Life Taken Away.

September 23rd, 2010. This date has been etched into my mind and I will never forget why. For you see, on this day a life of someone very important to me was taken. His name was Cole James Younker and he was like a brother to me.

School ended at the usual time but football practice was cancelled because it was the day before homecoming, so all the football players decided to go to the local Dairy Queen for a snack and to hang out. We decided that instead of all of us driving we would carpool. While at DQ, I noticed the sky turning dark and gloomy showing that a storm was approaching. We were there for over an hour listening to the music coming out of a cars stereo. One by one people were leaving till it was just me, Bill, Cole, and Cole’s girlfriend Emily. We sat there listening to the boom of thunder that was coming from the storm that was now upon us. Finally, we all decided to leave me and Bill were in one car and Cole and Emily were in another. Emily pulled out first into the pouring rain. Since it was raining the visibility was very poor. Because of this, Emily did not see the Semi-truck coming down the high-way and as she was crossing, she and the semi collided. Me and Bill did not see this happen we were busy looking at each other talking but we did hear the loud screech and bang that accompanies two metal objects colliding. We looked forward and saw the worst thing that we had ever seen; the semi had collided with the passenger side of Emily’s car and pushed the car over 300 feet forward.

We both rushed out of the car and ran across the highway to Emily’s car. I felt the rush of adrenaline pumping through my body and as I was trying to pull open the driver’s door to get Emily out, I could not feel any pain. It took what felt like eternity to get the door open but when I did, I saw the horror of what happened in the car. Emily was thrown sideways and her head was bleeding from...
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