A Life Changing Moment

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A Life Changing Moment

By | November 2011
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A Life Changing Moment
Rhonda VanRyswyk
ENG 1101
Southeaster Technical College
October 29, 2011

A Life Changing Moment
I woke up that morning to the distinct smell of salt and marsh. The enticing smell of fresh coffee was soon added. I started the shower and made my way back to the kitchen. I then heard a knock on the door. I found my dad's good friend Cat standing on the porch. Of Hawaiian decent, her skin was the color of roasted almonds. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out. I invited her in and offered her some fresh coffee. She declined and handed me a brown paper bag. I felt my heart drop when I discovered a pregnancy test in that bag. She told me that she believed I was pregnant and asked me to take the test. She then embraced me and left me there, standing in the middle of the living room holding the pregnancy test. I could not even form a clear thought at that moment. I was only sixteen. When I placed the bag down on the counter, it felt as if I were setting down the truth. The steam enveloped me as I stepped into the bathroom. I let the hot shower beat my shoulders until I started to feel a calm. I do not remember enjoying a shower more. After my shower, I walked to the living room to retrieve the pregnancy test and enclosed myself back into the steamy bathroom. I took my time opening the box, reading the instructions, and opening the smaller package within. After taking the test and setting in on the bathroom sink, I took a deep breath. I knew that my life could be changed forever in one minute.

It was then time to check the results. I do not know how long I stood in that bathroom and looked at those two pink lines. That moment changed my life forever. I did not cry or shout. I just stood there attempting to absorb the enormity of the results. I finally placed the test back in its box and placed it in the trash can. I donned my favorite bathing suit, grabbed a towel and sunscreen, and headed for the beach. The street leading to...

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