A Life Changing Experiences

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In life pleasure always persuades you from work and responsibilities. Every person has a passion for hobbies if it’s in the form of sports or music. Sports can help relax your mind and take you away from all your worries and responsibilities. Sometimes certain people sacrifice the most important things in their lives for less important things like sports and certain activities in my case that’s what happened. In April 2004 during high school I was the captain of our junior varsity team, which to me it meant that my top priority was football. At the semifinals I injured myself when I was tackled and my ankle got ruptured. It happened at Al-Mishrief pitch. We were playing against ASK and we were leading by 1-0 but the game was really intense. The ball was played up high once it hit the ground I controlled it and started to dribble the ball up the pitch that’s when the ASK defender tackled me, at first I felt a hard knock but it didn’t hurt. When I tried to stand up and applied pressure to my feet I realized that my ankle couldn’t support the weight of my body and that when I burst into tears. I was taken to the hospital and the doctor said that I will have to take a long break from football and that if I tried to go back before time my ankle would cause more problems in the future. This experience has changed my belief in my priorities therefore my education comes first and the rest comes next including sports After getting injured I viewed life differently and I prioritized my work in a different manner. Life was very easy before my injury my mind was only focused on football. I used to play football 6 times a week and attend practice 3 times a week. I thought that being the captain meant that I needed to get as much football as I can so that I can turn into the best player I can be. I always looked at my education as the second and at times the third option. I never gave my education any attention I was always playing football whether it was with the school...
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