A Letter to a Friend Reflecting Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, The Beatles, 2008 singles Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Dear friend,
How nice to hear from you again! I am more than glad to know that you enjoy your time in your new school. It seems that you get along quite well with your new classmates. You said you wish to find a guy who may fall in love with you at the first sight. That sounds really romantic and moving, but I think maybe you should be careful. Honestly, I don’t quite believe in love at first sight. Although there are so many novels and movies describing love at first sight, I don’t think there are quite a few examples in the real life. Firstly, when you fall for someone at the first sight, most of the times you act on a sudden impulse. In my opinion, maybe fascination is a better word than love to describe this kind of feeling. Sometimes this fascination turns to real love, but most of times, it ends up with nothing. Teenagers our age are impulsive and often change their minds easily. Just like Romeo in Shakespeare’s play. One minute he could not see any women’s beauty except Rosaline, and the next minute he was totally in love with Juliet. Love at first sight is like a soap bubble, beautiful and attractive, but also easy to break. Secondly, in general, love at first sight is attracted by other’s appearance, which can easily make people blind. It is one of our weaknesses that we sometimes can be easily attracted by good looking persons, especially at first sight. Love bases on well understanding of each other. When you see someone for the first time, however, you can hardly remember his name. One of my friends once saw a boy who looked cute in the school hallway and fell for him. She tried every means to approach him and talk to him, but when she finally knew him, she was upset to find out that he was rude and selfish. The first attraction is like a plant without root. It’s fragile and can hardly last for a long time. Last but not least,

Hmmm, love at first sight, there must be something like that. Look at so many love poems, love novels and...
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