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A Letter to the Editor 2

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A Letter to the Editor 2

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  • August 2011
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A letter to the editor:

“A new and exciting community with growth potential for a healthy family”, that was there motto at South Haven, a new suburban community. I wish that statement had been true, but seeing the current health crisis within the community will certainly challenge that statement. I still remember the joyous moment when they handed me the keys to my brand new home in South Haven Community. It was the first home I had ever bought and an accomplishment I had worked so very hard for. The neighborhood was the picture of perfection with lush manicured lawns, a community center and nearby recreation parks, pleasant neighbors that waved hello, and a well secured gated community. I was moving into the type of community I had always dreamed of. After several years of living in this very active and friendly suburban community, I noticed a trend of debilitating health within my neighborhood. There were a few and then that number rose to at least 23 people within the community with the same symptoms of lingering congestion, shortness of breath, headaches and dizziness. Could this just be a coincidence or was there something happening right under our noses that we were not aware of. I began to question if this was some sort of virus or if it was something else that could possibly be contagious and was it going on elsewhere? I didn’t know of anyone else outside of our private community that had these symptoms and it became a little alarming to me. I did a little research to see if the symptoms were widespread and common or if they were simply just happening in my neighborhood. Most people in our little community saw the same family practitioner, so I called on him to answer some questions that I had. After speaking with the family practitioner, I researched a little farther by speaking to some people in customer relations and on the medical staff at a local nearby hospital as well as an Urgent care center. Apparently, of the people that had the same type...

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