A Lesson Learned

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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Catherine Roberts
English 099
Date: October 19, 2010
A LESSON LEARNED There are many valuable lessons that I have learned throughout my life. The most important aspect of these lessons is that I have gained valuable knowledge through their experiences. We pay money for lessons taught in college and pay emotionally for our personal lessons, whether they are taught in school or through a personal experience that usually stands out from the rest. My lesson learned was a personal lesson. I played on my high school basketball team. I have some regrets looking back on my high school basketball experience. There were times that I didn’t play as hard as I could. I did not practice as much as I could and I never fully developed as a player. I never reached my true potential, and I will never know what I was capable of as a basketball player. Though I didn’t realize what I had learned till I was out of high school, I still apply what I learned to other aspects in my life. I learned the importance of applying myself. Now I apply this lesson to everything. I realize that applying myself and working hard I’ll achieve success. I used some of my experience from playing basketball in the way I go to school and prepare myself for the day. I take time for school and planning my day off. I make sure that I have a good breakfast so that my mind is strong. I keep my body and mind fit by exercising for about an hour in the morning. I take a look at my agenda so that I know what to expect for that

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day. I study in the morning, afternoon, and at night to train myself to be prepared for any situation. I know this will help me to achieve my goals. I learned this lesson by reflecting on my past experience. This lesson is valuable because it can apply to any aspect in my life. I now know the importance of being committed, working hard and applying myself....
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