A Lesson Before Dying: Achievement of Recognition

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Achievement of Recognition
The lesson in A Lesson Before Dying is that there should always be acknowledgement for those whom always been there for a person all their life. The whole reason why Miss Emma wants to turn Jefferson in to a man again, is so he would realize that she wants him to thank god for his life and in some way thank her. Since she has always been there for him and has never given up on him. She also wants Jefferson to remember all those people who are looking upon him through this ordeal. The person Miss Emma really wants Jefferson to talk and connect to also thank is Reverend Ambrose also Grant.

Miss Emma pleaded with anyone who could help her on making Jefferson a man, that way he could be thankful for those around him. She later on found out that they need permission to visit him in prison, she constantly reminder Mr. Henri that she need his words and she would not give up on them. “I’ll be up here again tomorrow, Mr.Henri. I’ll be on my knees next time you see me, Mr. Henri.” (Gaines 23). Not only did she need to hear words of promise from Mr.Henri, but also from Grant. Miss Emma desperately tried to guilt Grant into making Jefferson into a man. “He don’t have to go. Miss Emma said for about the hundredth time. She was looking at me but not seeing me, and not meaning what she was saying either.” (Gaines 14). That is how Miss Emma lured Grant into her plan of making Jefferson in to man, otherwise acknowledgement.

Next thing that had to be done was to create a guide in which Jefferson would slowly forgive himself and thank god for everything. No one could connect to Jefferson so much like Grant. That is why Miss Emma would always try to stuff down the words and lesson of Reverend Ambrose down Grants throat, somehow Grant would Grant would be able to open Jefferson’s eyes with that. Even the Reverend pleaded so, but since Grant is known to be so much educated he did not need to. Until Reverend out spoke Grant and told him his truths....
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