A Leaving Certificate

Topics: Strategic management, Public transport, Research Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: December 2, 2012
A Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme plan to arrange a Visit Out to an enterprise, Kelly Printing Works in our local community.

Presented by: Nollaig Kenny


1. We will arrange a visit out to a local enterprise KPW in our community. 2. We hope to carry out a SWOT analysis of KPW.
3. I hope to improve my communication, organisational and mathematical skills while carrying out this investigation.

Research methods:

a) We will write a letter to request permission from our principal to visit KPW on Tuesday 29th March 2011 at 9:10 am. b) We will use the Internet to research KPW’s business. c) I will ring the bus company to arrange a date and time for transport to the company.

Analysis of Research:

a) We were granted permission from our principal for the date and time requested. b) We researched KPW’s business on the Internet and found that it is a family run business set up in 1941. c) I called Declan Fahy, the owner of the local bus company and booked a bus for the agreed date and time of our visit which would cost €20.

Actions and Schedules of time:

15/03/11 We will have to ensure that all jobs including questions to be asked and permission from the principal are completed by students in the class. 28/03/11 We will to reconfirm the bus, the visit with KPW and lodge the money for the bus to the office. 29/03/11 Day of the Visit:

9:00am:Take the roll call.
9:04am:Make sure all the students have questions and template of Summary Report. 9:05am:I will go out to see if the bus has arrived.
9:06am: Everyone get on the bus.
9:12am:Arrive at KPW and introduce the group.
9:14am: Listen attentively and take down notes.
9:45am: Ask the assigned questions.
10:05am: Thank KPW and give the Thank You card.
10:10am: Leave KPW.
10:20am: Arrive back at the school.

Resources and Costs:

We will incur the...
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