A Leaders Framework for Decision Making

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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The leader response for different situations adds to his experiences and background, shaping his framework for carrying plans and making decisions. But first we have to know that situations varies in its complexity and surrounding circumstances; based on these situations characteristics the leader is able to take decisions and maintain stability and safety for surrounding team. I like the statement stated by the writer “GOOD LEADERSHIP IS NOT A ONE-SIZE-FITS- ALL PROPOSITION”. Each leader has a framework matches with his own style; we could agree that there must be a wide range of common characteristics with minimum level of acquisition like Pro-activity, Flexibility, Exceptional Communication Skills, Self Managed, Analytic, and so on. In the following article we get introduced to a new framework for understanding complexity, broaden the traditional approach to leadership and decision making and form a new perspective based on “Complexity Science”. This framework evolved through previous applications, helping in many industries like Pharmaceutical, Governmental, Industrial, and many else. This frame work sorts the issues facing the leaders into five contexts defined by the nature of the relationship between cause and effect. First, Simple Context “The Domain of Best Practice” the only advantage for this context type - In my point of view – Is that the right answer is self-evident and undisputed; decisions are unquestioned because all parties share an understanding. While there is many disadvantages for such context; issues may be incorrectly classified within this domain because they have been oversimplified. Also people may get blinded to new ways of thinking as a result of their perspective of thinking they acquired through past experience, training, and success. Another disadvantage of the Simple Context is that when things appear to be going smoothly, leaders often become complacent, reacting too late for context changes. As a remedy for such...
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