A Leader I Admire

Topics: Leadership, Parent, Sibling Pages: 2 (885 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Footsteps to Follow

There are good leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and bad leaders like Hitler, some would say. But there are leaders out there that are not as famous and still have an effect on many people in their lives. My father is one of those leaders. From six-thirty to four in the afternoon, day after day, he works. When he gets home, he eats dinner, takes a nap (sometimes) and does the work around the house that needs to be done. Whether it is simply taking out the garbage, fixing broken appliances, doing yard work, or toying with one of the cars, he does it without complaining. Ricardo Gomez is a man that never quits working and does not stop until his goal is accomplished. He is able to balance his commitments, from being a teammate, to a coach, to a parent; he is someone that has leadership skills to last a lifetime.

As I grow up with a figure like my father, I come to realize that quitting or giving up is never an option. As an athlete, he always tries his hardest and as a result his team usually wins. Soccer, indoor or outdoor, he is on the field giving it his all. He cheers on his teammates when he takes a break, and pushes them as well as encourages them when he is on the field. When he broke his ankle he would still go to the games and support his team. He absolutely hated being on the sideline, but he did not show it. He just sat there, watched, coached, and cheered on his teammates like any good teammate would. His best friend and him are forwards together, which means they work together to score goals. Since he was injured, my dad had to take responsibility and find someone to help the team out. Once he found someone to help, he explained to him how he and his teammate communicate on the field, and how to they work together. He took the rookie under his wing and taught him what he needed to know to be a successful part of the team. Aside from participating in soccer, he also coached it. Looking back, he always stayed calm and...
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