A Lasting Relationship: Something Princess Diana Can Never Have

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  • Published : August 14, 2008
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Whenever we talk about the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, we know that it was a disaster mainly because of Prince Charles’ extra-marital affairs with Lady Camilla Parker Bowles. But did anyone else think that it was not only Prince Charles having affairs but Princess Diana too? Yes, Princess Diana had affairs, both during her marriage and after the divorce but none of them lasted. Why? Some say it was because of the threats she and her lovers received and others say it was because of the press. But one thing for sure is that the downfall of each relationship has been affected by pressure. Among many other reasons, it was pressure coming from the royal family, the security service, or the media that ended Princess Diana’s relationships with her lovers. To show how the downfall of each of her relationship was affected by the royal family, the security service, or the media, let us have a look at each of Diana’s relationships with some of her men.

Barry Mannakee

Barry Mannakee was a married father and one of Diana’s bodyguards (Agencies n.p). When Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles was weakening, she relied on him for comfort and soon after, they became so close that she became deeply smitten with him. It was verified it to be her first extramarital affair (“Diana and Men”, n.p).

Diana said that Mannakee felt really down since he didn’t like it when people knew of their affair (Agencies n.p). When Colin Trimming, Prince Charles’ protection officer, walked in on Diana who was being comforted by Mannakee, he reported his notions to Prince Charles and soon, Mannakee was fired and sent to work in the Diplomatic Protection Squad because his affair with Diana was deemed “inappropriate”. The article quotes Diana, "It got so difficult and eventually he had to go. And, um, it was all found out and he was chucked out." With this quote, one could already see how Diana struggled to keep her relationship alive with the media and Prince Charles nosing around.

Diana’s affair with Mannakee wouldn’t have ended if Mannakee didn’t die in a motorcycle crash. According to the article “The Mannakee File”, William Langley wrote that Mannakee accepted a motorcycle lift from a friend on his way home and crashed into a car which was being driven by a 17-year old girl who was fined £85 five months later (Langley n.p). So, how is this related to the media, security service or the royal family? Over many years, many people have been theorizing that his death wasn’t an accident but a conspiracy by either the British Intelligence or the royal family because of their disapproval of the Mannakee-Diana relationship. This was theorized due to the questions that emerged after the accident such as “Why was she let off so lightly?”, “Why, soon afterwards, did she leave the country?”, and “Why has the estate car never been traced?” (Langley n.p). Other than these unanswered questions, another evidence that may prove the conspiracy theory was the claim of Lord Brocket who was told that there was a secret file containing the results of a forensic examination of the Suzuki motorcycle on which Mannakee had been riding when he died (Langley n.p). According to him, it showed that someone fiddled the bike. Conspiracy theorists say that the secret service or the British Intelligence pressured Manakee’s friend to offer him a lift and the 17-year old girl to crash him while riding the motorcycle. With these theories, we can see that the end of Mannakee’s affair (and ultimately, his life) with Diana may have been brought about by pressure from the royal family or the British Intelligence (security service) (Langley n.p).

James Hewitt

As written on the website London Net, James Hewitt was Diana’s riding instructor who was once rumored to be the biological father of Prince Harry. In the website, Hewitt’s friends asserted that Diana adored him and was in love him because of his charm and the concise sense of humor that they both shared...
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