A Lab Report to Investigate the Factors Affecting the Strength of an Electromagnet

Topics: Magnetic field, Electromagnet, Electromagnetism Pages: 3 (429 words) Published: September 30, 2012

Date: 11th March, 2011
IB Topic: 6.3.2

Assessment criteria
* Design (D)

Aspect| Marks Awarded|
Defining the problem and selecting variables| |
Controlling Variables| |
Developing a method for collection of data| |
Total| |

To study the effect of spacing of the coils on the strength of an electromagnet

Apparatus Required:
* An iron nail (around 8 cm)
* A copper wire (15 cm)
* Vernier Logger Pro
* Magnetic Field sensor
* Battery
* Switch
* Sand Paper

Background Theory:
Some metals such as nickel and iron can be magnetised using an electromagnet. The strength of the electromagnet depends on various factors which include the current, no. of turns per unit length and the core of the magnetised metal. In this experiment, I will study the effect of spacing between the turns of the copper coil wound around the iron nail.

Controlled Variables| Dependent Variables| Independent Variables| Length of Copper WireCurrent in the copper wireCore of the electromagnetArea of Cross section of the iron coreThe point at which magnetic field strength is measuredTime| Strength of the Electromagnet| Spacing of the turns of copper wire|

How the variables are controlled:
1. The length of the copper wire is kept constant at 15 cm for all experiments 2. The current in the copper wire is kept constant by keeping the voltage in the circuit constant as the copper wire has a constant resistance. 3. The area of cross section of the nail is kept constant at a particular value throughout the experiment as a single iron nail is used. 4. The point at which the magnetic field strength is measured is kept at 5 cm below the lower tip of the iron nail. 5. The time for carrying out the experiment is kept constant at 15 mins.

As the distance between the consecutive coil increases, the no....
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