A La Juventud Filipina

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A La Juventud Filipina / To The Filipino Youth by Jose Rizal I got several search queries on my site looking for Dr. Jose Rizal‘s poem “A La Juventud Filipina” also known as “To The Philippine Youth / To the Filipino Youth” or “Sa Kabataang Pilipino” in Filipino. Here it is. In 1879, Artistic Literary Lyceum of Manila, a society of literary men and artists held a literary contest. Jose Rizal at that time only eighteen years old, submitted the poem, A La Juventud Filipina (To the Filipino Youth) where he earned first prize. This was the first poem ever written by a native Filipino and it aroused the nationalistic concept among the Filipinos. This poem titled “A la Juventud Filipina,” which he wrote in 1879 at the age of 18, Rizal approved the idea of a Philippine identity different from that of Spain, but there he also acknowledges the the benefits that mother country had bestowed on the Philippines. (The image on the left is his picture when he was 18 while studying at University of Santo Tomas. As you can see Uso din noon ang hair style ng kabataan ngayon) A La Juventud Filipina

Spanish version
Alza su tersa frente,
Juventud Filipina, en este dìa!
Luce resplandeciente
Tu rica gallardìa,
Bella esperanza de la Patria Mia!Vuela, genio grandioso,
Y les infunde noble pensamiento,
Que lance vigoroso,
Mas rápido que el viento,
Su mente virgen al glorioso asiento.Baja con la luz grata
De las artes y ciencias a la arena,
Juventud, y desata
La pesada cadena
Que tu genio poético encadena.
Ve que en la ardiente zona
Do moraron las sombras, el hispano
Esplendente corona,
Con pia sabia mano,
Ofrece al hijo de este suelo indiano.
Tu, que buscando subes,
En alas de tu rica fantasìa,
Del Olimpo en las nubes
Tiernisima poesìa
Más sabrosa que néctar y ambrosìa.
Tu, de celeste acento,
Melodioso rival Filomena,
Que en variado concento
En la noche serena
Disipas del mortal la amarga pena.
Tu que la pena dura
Animas al impulso de tu mente,
Y la memoria pura
Del genio refulgente
Eternizas con genio prepotente.
Y tu, que el vario encanto
De Febo, amado del divino Apeles,
Y de natura el manto
Con mágicos pinceles
Trasladar al sencillo lienzo sueles.
Corred! que sacra llama
Del genio el lauro coronar espera,
Esparciendo la fama
Con trompa pregonera
El nombre del mortal por la ancha espera.
Dia, dia felice,
Filipinas gentil, para tu suelo!
Al Potente bendice
Que con amante anhelo
La ventura te envia y el consuelo.To The Philippine Youth
English version
Unfold, oh timid flower !Lift up your radiant brow,
This day, Youth of my native strand !
Your abounding talents show
Resplendently and grand,
Fair hope of my Motherland !Soar high, oh genius great,
And with noble thoughts fill their mind;
The honor’s glorious seat,
May their virgin mind fly and find
More rapidly than the wind.
Descend with the pleasing light
Of the arts and sciences to the plain,
Oh Youth, and break forthright
The links of the heavy chain
That your poetic genius enchain.
See that in the ardent zone,
The Spaniard, where shadows stand,
Doth offer a shining crown,
With wise and merciful hand
To the son of this Indian land.
You, who heavenward rise
On wings of your rich fantasy,
Seek in the Olympian skies
The tenderest poesy,
More sweet than divine honey;
You of heavenly harmony,
On a calm unperturbed night,
Philomel’s match in melody,
That in varied symphony
Dissipate man’s sorrow’s blight;
You at th’ impulse of your mind
The hard rock animate
And your mind with great pow’r consigned
Transformed into immortal state
The pure mem’ry of genius great;
And you, who with magic brush
On canvas plain capture
The varied charm of Phoebus,
Loved by the divine Apelles,
And the mantle of Nature;
Run ! For genius’ sacred flame
Awaits the artist’s crowning
Spreading far and wide the fame
Throughout the sphere...
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