A Journy for Undying Love

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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“A Journey for an Undying Love”

Love is a strong force in the Christian faith. Such a love can lead a person to show the undying love for someone by overcoming any obstacle presented in front of them. This love will guide a person to go above and beyond to prove that anything will be done for the one that person loves. Love as a Christian theme in Welty’s “A Worn Path”, is shown through the love a grandmother has for her grandson. God has shown in the Christian faith his undying love for his people by sacrificing his only son. In “A Worn Path”, Phoenix also shows the same undying love for her grandson by overcoming many obstacles of trials and life. Welty brings the undying love to life by determination, ability to overcome challenges, and charity of others. Phoenix selfless undying love for her grandson gives her the determination to overcome some difficult challenges along the way. Welty paints a picture of an older black woman that has overcome slavery, become fragile in her age, but still sets out on a journey down the worn path to retrieve some medicine for her sick grandson. The journey in itself brings many obstacles, but the determination to save her grandson will prevail over anything that will come into count with Phoenix. Determination plays a part of how Phoenix pushes herself to the limit in order for the one person in her life that she could not imagine being without. Welty took the Christian faith of how faith in God’s love will help a person overcome life’s journey. In Welty’s “A Worn Path”, Phoenix’s faith will give her the strength to have the determination of not giving up through the long walk, trials of nature, and even the judgment of her color. The journey of life’s trials through the Christian idea is said that God will not put more on a person than they can handle. Even through the hardships Phoenix faced, Welty used this idea to show with determination and faith anything can be achieved. Phoenix’s own...
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