A Journey to Faith

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A journey to faith
Time to be free. To let it go. To believe that the impossible had occurred, in an instant God’s healing power had changed my life forever. Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Our Testimony – everyone overcome. I had overcome, he had overcome for me, the Lamb, the one who sacrificed it all on that cross. To delight in you now, to rejoice let your name resound, is all I long for Lord, King of the Clouds. I worship You now. I stand in adoration... I lift my hands to the one above. No I did not see, who you had done, they way you had rescued me. I once was lost, now found. In your love I bound. I am nailed to your cause. Jesus Lord of all, I sing to you now.

I praise You Lord of heaven and earth. Let your name resound. I come before Your throne and worship You alone.
I will sing. I will worship the King. I will shout. I will shout your name before... All those around. I’m not sure how this will sound, but you’ve healed me, you’ve rescued me. Jesus your love abound, your love sustains, your love reigns above all things. Your word is true, it never lies. In you, I reside.

All glory, all honour, all praise is gifted to You.
You deserve my heart, my everything in You.
I want to serve, all of my days in your House.
You are above all sickness.
You conquered the grave.
You are above all weakness.
In your strength in where I delight.
You are mighty to save.
King over heaven and earth.
You are... King over all.
This journey I am on, is one which I can rejoice in your song. Jesus, you are the one.
Jesus, you are the love.
I need more of you.
Come and interlude.
Renew a right Spirit within me.
Renew a right Spirit within me.
Christ, my Lord.
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