A Journey of Rizal's Life

Topics: Manila, José Rizal, Philippines Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Darwin James A. Abelardo PI 10 D-2R
2010-60334 March 13, 2013
A Journey of Rizal’s Life

Philippine Institutions 10 will not be complete without this out-of-town fieldtrip held last March 3, 2013 at the historical place of Intramuros, Manila. Though it is only intended for the sections of our recit instructor, this activity is worth to spread among our fellow lecture classmates as well as our friends here in UPLB.

The thing that boosted my interest in joining this trip is to know more about the life of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal by experiencing and seeing with my naked eyes his life from his death all the way down when he was still a child. The first thing that popped out my mind when I heard our recit instructor about his interest on pushing this fieldtrip is that, at last, I will have my first ever fieldtrip for this semester and surely it will be a blast. No doubt, it was indeed a blast. Despite the fact that our van is a mixture of the three sections, we were able to talk to each other and seldom see a shy-look on our faces. The moment we arrived at our first destination, excitement started to unleash. As we waited for the Paco Cemetery to open its gates, my buddy and I started taking shots from the outside and continue the rest of the way until our camera got exhausted. In the Paco Cemetery, we saw the grave of Rizal with a cross and beneath its cross the letters, “RPJ” which stands for the reverse acronyms of the name Jose P. Rizal. I believe it was intended so that the Spaniards will not find out that it was the remains of our National Hero. But unfortunately, the true remains were not there. Upon reading the tablet, it is stated that his ashes were placed inside an urn and then laid beneath his monument at Luneta. That was the first thing I learned from our fieldtrip.

The next destination is where Rizal died and later on altered the place in where Rizal’s monument was erected. I am obviously talking about...
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