A Journey from Hrm to Shrm

Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Management Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: February 15, 2013
A Journey from HRM to SHRM

The radical change taking place in the workplace and the work force has led to the dramatic evolution of traditional human resource management to strategic human resource management. The days of the strictly administrative human resource function are over. HR management must now be considered a critical strategic partner and must contribute to the overall objectives of the company. Strategic HR management is characterized by focusing more on strategic rather than operational issues. However, the administrative work must still be done efficiently. Strategic HR management involves making the function of managing people the most important priority in the organization, and integrating all human resource programs and policies within the framework of a company's strategy. Strategic HR management recognizes that all decisions on finance, marketing, operations or technology are made by an organization's people. Strategic HR management involves the development of a consistent, aligned collection of practices, programs, and policies to facilitate the achievement of the organization's objectives. It considers the implications of corporate strategy for all HR systems within an organization by translating company objectives into specific people management systems. The most important consideration of strategic HR management is that there is no one best way to manage people. Therefore, the specific approach and processes will vary from organization to organization. It may even vary in an organization with clearly defined business units or functional areas. However, all HR programs and policies must be consistent and must therefore be integrated within a larger framework, leading to the facilitation of the organization's vision and its objectives. Human resource management has been traditionally defined as the set of philosophies, processes and procedures a firm uses for the following four basic...
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