A Journey for Self Discovery

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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A Journey for Self Discovery
DeVry University, English 092

A Journey for Self Discovery
Learning what elements motivate me helped me to identify my purpose. Most of us don’t get epiphanies. We only get a whisper— only with time and understanding of self did I recognize the whisper, and connect the whisper to an answer I call wisdom. Of course, there’s never a single right answer. At some point, it feels right enough that I chose, and devote my time and energy to making my choice fruitful.  Wisdom has taught me that my gift isn’t something I inherently know, nor is it some kind of destiny. Stumbling blocks, as frustrating as they have been are so necessary to uproot my talent(s). Life does not come with instructions. Nature provided each of us with a natural curiosity that drives you to explore, ask questions, and attempt to understand. Along with this self-evolution, mental growth is promoted. Through the ability to filter out the clutter and recognize what's important in my life, the understanding of my passion begins to evolve. It’s not always about the conquest in your life that inspires you. It’s about what I really needed to feel a sense of self-worth. Marriage, joining the military, having children, and now divorce opened so many roller coaster events in my life. Relishing in the good when it presents itself and learning from the trials I had to endure allow me to now recognize my success. No matter what comes in my path today I realize that I am blessed and highly favored to answer what I call my gift and acquire wisdom in the process. Deciding to go forward I am willing to recognize and correct my mistakes. I will pay attention to details of what’s going on around me because I’ve learned through doing this it teaches me valuable lessons almost daily. Learning and accepting that mistakes will be made, as frustrating as that is, before getting it right is an essential life lesson. I had to accepting that there are no consistencies in...
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