A Hunger Artist Analysis

Topics: Franz Kafka, Jesus, Pablo Picasso Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: March 25, 2012

Franz Kafka is the author and writer of the poem “A Hunger Artist”. ‘‘The Hunger Artist’’ has fascinated about fasting and one of the main reasons is how less people have taken interest in participating in this weird act making it rare thing to do. While ‘‘The Hunger Artist’’ was fasting years ago, people were paying for admission to go and witness this wise and unique behavior. ‘‘The Hunger Artist’’ kept he himself concealed a cage and his priority was to be able go hungry more than 40 days. There are butchers who keep an eye on ‘‘The Hunger Artist’’ to make sure he can’t cheat the people who take interest in him by sneaking a little food here and there which makes him pretty angry and frustrated. Pablo Picasso drew a famous portrait called Crucifixion years ago. If you look at the portrait and have a good understanding of ‘‘The Hunger Artist’’ it is easy to comprehend and see some similarities between them. The Crucifixion shows a whole variety of colors red, green and yellow representing its tone. In the picture there is a strong view of passion, tragedy and sacrifice which all kind of fits into the tone of ‘‘The Hunger Artist’’. The photo shows a significance of being one of the most popular religious paintings. One interesting fact about the portrait was that Picasso had intended to have looked at only by his close friends Franz Kafka’s main point is to show how there is a capitalism of art that has a bad reputation by others. He even painted a very unique portrait of ‘‘The Hunger Artist’’ that shows ‘’‘The Hunger Artist’ ’passionate about his fasting and fame is he is achieving from the public. This stories genre can also be seen in the Picassos photo ‘Crucifixion’. If you look really hard at the photo you can see woman surrounding the Christ on the cross. It is obvious that the Christ was getting attention and specifically in that picture there were woman trying to come to his aid. Similar to the way two women were trying to help ‘‘The Hunger...
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