A Humanitarian Television Game Show

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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One of my favorite television game shows from my country is overcome ourselves by the Board of HTV in collaboration with Lasta company. The program aims to erase debt and working capital levels for all poor bank loans and debt relief needs in Vietnam. The first year the program was broadcasted in the year 2005, and it was voted the best TV game show by the readers of Worker newspaper. This program creates opportunities for poor families, who can receive financial support debt relief and additional capital to escape poverty, or they can change their lives through the competition if they prove that they are capable, energetic, and good at their jobs. Subjects participating in the program are regularly from the poor households in the territory of Vietnam with the desire to change their lives with their efforts. Every time I watch this show, I always feel it is real and touching. As I am watching the game show, I feel good about the people that are making their lives better. The players feel joy while playing the game show, and it has touched many lives. Many people have said in tears, "It's a dream come true, as if an angel and a miracle appeared to change my life”. When I watch this game show, it is no longer simple entertainment anymore, but I feel a need to think more about my life and myself. The impressions are not only providing a working professional, enthusiastic fervor, but are most valuable in the hearts of poor peasants. The contestants learn that the outcome depends on cooperation, sharing and the mutual love of community. The donors sponsor a game that offers an opportunity to change lives of the less fortunate. I think a game show like that should be expanded on national television.
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