A) How Does the Poet Convey His Opinions About War in "Does It Matter?"

Topics: Question, Siegfried Sassoon, Personal life Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Does It Matter’ by Siegfried Sassoon is an insightful poem which shows a bitter, negative way of the war. It describes the feelings and things soldiers go through once they finish their service. The poem discusses potential injuries and wounds received at war; losing your legs, sight and reoccurring memories of the war. It shows the way they are treated by the public from the soldier’s perspective. The poem tells the story about how society expects the soldiers to resume their previous life. This can be seen in the verse, “There’s such splendid work for the blind...” implying that they are suppose to continue with lives like it was before the war even if they become blind. The soldiers are also expected to forget the gruesome, horrifying scenes and memories of war to move on with their previous lives. Once the war is over and the soldiers have returned. The people are able to forget and not worry about the war veterans.

‘Does It Matter’ contains a few themes which can be acknowledged by the reader. The first is that we should show appreciation through our attitude and actions and be thankful for the challenges and hardships that are continually faced by soldiers for our freedom and current lifestyle. This poem signifies the importance of soldier’s hard work and dedication to their country; however they are not honoured correctly and are expected to go on with their daily life after war. Another theme is the outcomes for the soldiers after war are very real. Once you go to war you never know what may happen, it shows how a soldiers life dramatically changes after that, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

The poem explores activities that the injured soldiers cannot participate in anymore, such as "hunting" or "gobbling muffins and eggs". Sassoon angrily attacks the views that the soldiers have to pretend that they do not "mind" pretending that they have not been affected by the war in front of intolerant other people. "Splendid work"...
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