A History of the World in Six Glasses

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  • Published : February 19, 2011
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A History of the World in Six Glasses
By: Tom Standage

Part I
1. How might beer have impetus the hunting and gathering to agricultural based societies? A. Farming had Increase and spread throughout the Fertile Crescent B. Emergence of hunting and gathering people to form cities C. It open up the trading between nations

D. It trigger the agricultural revolution
E. All the above

2. As brewing beer became more widespread, what is most important benefit from drinking beer? A. Less chance to get diseases
B. Increase body strength
C. Increase health and life expectancy
D. Warm the body
E. All the above

3. What are some advantages wine have that beer did not?
A. It was much more portable per unit of alcohol
B. Tended to keep a whole lot longer
C. Medical uses
D. All the above
E. A and B

4. Who were able to drink wine in early Rome?
A. Soldiers and administrators
B. Farmers
C. Men
D. Politicians
E. Everyone

5. What is most significant effect about distilled wine?
A. It had higher alcohol than any drink
B. Medical uses
C. Increase body strength
D. High vitamin and protein
E. Boosting energy
6. Where does rum played a crucial part?
A. Britain
B. Africa
C. North American colonies
D. Greek
E. A,B, and C

7. Why Europeans’ beverage of choice switched from alcohol to coffee? A. Coffee is more healthier than alcohol
B. Coffee can create a calm mood
C. Coffee is cost less than alcohol
D. Coffee is more novelty
E. Coffee can be drink any time in the day

8. What coffeehouse establish in France?
A. A places where people gathered and exchange news
B. Exchange of scientific and commercial ideas
C. social differences were left at the door
D. meeting place
E. All the above

9. What cause tea to be replace by coffee in the early 18th century A. Coffeehouse can attract more...
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