A History of the Japanese Political System

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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AS 2502 Intro to East Asia; Japan
November 20, 2012
Governmental Structures and Ideology between Nara and Meiji Period In the history of Japanese political system, governmental structures were changed and revised several times. Culturally, Japan has a one of the unique theoretical political system, which is called the imperial system that emperor ruled and governed Japan. Before the Edo period, emperor and the court had a strong authority toward governmental and military decisions. Compared to those periods, Bakuhu and Han-people had an important role toward politics in the Edo period, however, after the Edo period, Japanese political system changed Bakuhu-system back to Centralized system. In this paper, I am going to deal with the government structures and ideology in Meiji period, and compare the governmental structure between Nara period and Meiji Period. Meiji governments tried to modernize Japan due to the pressure from Western world, and both periods have similar aspect of governmental structure that both governments tried to constitute centralized political system. Since the Japanese government established emperor system, emperor and the court had a strong authority for Japanese politics, and they tried to centralize political system in the Nara period. Their political system was based on Ritsuryo code, which is a policy that the politics has to be centralized and conforms to the administrative code and penal code. In the Asuka period, the former period of Nara, Japanese government administrated Taiho code, which was considered as the first administrative and penal code in Japanese history. Even though they administrated it, there were still several problems and the code had to be varied according to the situation, therefore, Japanese government tried to improve Taiho code in the Nara period. Emperor Kouken constituted Yoro code to constitute new governing rules and revised several expression of Taiho code in 718, and it was administered by Fujiwara no...
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