A History of Celtic Britain: The Romans

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  • Published : October 17, 2013
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A History of Celtic Britain: The Romans
The Romans were one of the greatest empires that invaded Britain in 55 BC and 54 B.C. After the expansion of its capital Rome, the control spread across the Mediterranean to arrive to Britain and get all the treasure that was there. The treasure was one of the strongest reasons that Julio Cesar had to invade Britain and to obtain new land that the Romans had not conquered before. Finally the invasion did not work because the boats that were sent for the invasion were destroyed by heavy storms. After nearly 100 years under the rule of Claudius the Romans tried to invade Britain again. This time the invasion was successful, established the Roman province called Britannia. After the defeat of the tribes of Britain the Roman Empire established its power in the capital of Cymbeline, Camulodunum (now Colchester). After the success of the invasion, Claudio and his empire established their citizenship in the newly conquered territory, but for more than five years continued fighting to conquer most of all Britain. Two years after the invasion of Claudius, he sent troops to conquer the southeast and southwest sides of Britain to dominate Brigantes, a place where Caratacus was also captured, the main resistance leader against the Roman invasion of Britain. Already around the year 50 BC the Roman Empire had conquered most of Britain including Wales. One reason why the Roman Empire got success in the invasion was the large contingent of army he had and the great strategies they planned to defeat the tribes inhabiting Britain. The Roman army was successful because they were better equipped and prepared than any other army. To belong to the Roman army could only be men at least 20 years old and must not marry while he was a professional soldier. Being professional Roman soldier meant to belong 25 years to the army, once they accomplish the amount of years, they could retire with a salary paid by the governor or some land to farm. The...
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