A Hero of Our Time Essay

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Emotion, Love Pages: 4 (1558 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Christian Gonzalez
Ms. Morales
Per: 6IB English
26 October 2012
Where No Hope Is Left-Is Left No Fear
Throughout course of history, man has always sought to have an innate passion to seek perfection and correct ones mistakes from his/her failures. People have experienced events that create a dark past by which many people carry as a burden at one point in his/her lifetime that makes them rethink how to improve from failure. The protagonist, Grigory Aleksandrovich Pechorin, with Mikhail Lermontov author of A Hero Of Our Time, carries out a life as self-portraying himself as to be a dominant person over others. Pechorin suits to an ideology of being mentally tough to shy away from revealing emotions to prevent emotion harm. It is in the Russian novella, A Hero Of Our Time, where Mikhail Lermontov illustrates the message that much in society, as represented through the life of Pechorin, that there is a fear of failure that torments one from showing his/her emotions and dreams from prevailing and creates a mental veil due to the lack of confidence because of his/hers’ unresolved past experiences; this is exemplified through Pechorin’s reactions of his dwindling relationships towards his friendships, society interactions, and paramours.

During the story life of Pechorin in A Hero Of Our Time, he presents his unresolved past with failure carry a heavy toll on his friendships, causing the collapse of those relationships. The unknown narrator and Pechorin’s good friend, Maksim Maksimych, crosses paths with Pechorin. However, Pechorin does not embrace Maksim as a good friend would have and acted like only acquaintances as he states that “[he] has been bored” not taking into consideration any joy meeting his old friend, and now “[he] must say good-bye” immediately and offers only a “hand” resulting in Maksim’s frustration believing that “this is not the way [he] thought [they] would meet again” and angrily stating “that there’s no good in a man who forgets his...
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