A Hero's Journey: the Incredibles

Topics: The Incredibles, Jack-Jack Parr, Mr. Incredible Pages: 5 (1758 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Hero’s Journey: The Incredibles

The Hero’s Journey is an important concept, it is the template upon which a vast majority of successful stories and Hollywood blockbuster are based upon. Being able to analyze, understand and deconstruct the different capacities undertaken by the Hero is essential. The Hero’s Journey is a cycle made of super structures/steps which consists of both linkages and connections. It is composed of a beginning and an end, which ultimately are the same. This full cycle is attained through periods of loss and gain (hardship) which in turn are subdivided into different sections, composed of micro mini stages which together act as stepping stones leading the hero full circle back to the beginning.

The story of The Incredibles begins in the suburbs of a town called Metroville, where humans with superpowers were once seen as heroes. Mr. Incredible lives his days of glory rescuing the world and its people. This is where initiation occurs and it results in the hero meeting and later marrying his heroine, Elastigirl. The meeting with the goddess represents the point in the adventure when one experiences a love that has the power and significance of the all-powerful. This is where the hero gains advice and training for the upcoming adventures. This can also be known as the “hieros gamos”, or sacred marriage, where the union of opposites comes together as one. Where the person begins to see him or herself in a non-dualistic way. Marriage is the start of a new world and a new beginning.
However, collateral damage from their various good deeds leads the government to create a “Supers Relocation Program”, forcing all 'heroes' to reintegrate into civilian life and to refrain from using any 'super powers'. This marks the death of the old state, which produces a contrast and symbolism between Death and New (oppressed and repressed). This period also acts as a time of reflection or regret as Mr. Incredible is faced with many trials and tribulations leading life as a mere human. Bob (Mr. Incredible) and Helen Parr (Elastigirl) who are both Supers, raise three children: Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. Both Violet and Dash have innate superpowers. Violet has the powers of invisibility and the ability to create force fields, whilst Dash's superpower enables him to run at high speeds. Both children face trials and tribulations as they are forced to repress their powers. Bob is back to ordinary life and has a job as an insurance broker. However, as he still misses his former days as Mr. Incredible. He and his Super Hero friend Frozone, still sneak out on Wednesday nights to fight crime.

Frustration grows in Bob and one day he loses his temper with his boss, who refuses to allow him to help a victim who is being mugged. This eventually leads to him being fired as his boss ends up in hospital due to Bob's use of super power force. This is an example of one of his 'road of trials' as he figures out what to tell his wife, who is trying to live an ordinary life. This is where an ordeal is introduced as secrets, lies and an inciting incident occurs. Bob receives a message from Mirage, who asks for Bob to help stop a rogue robot on a distant island, for a lucrative reward. After hardly any Refusal, Bob crosses the Threshold and he accepts the call to duty. Bob lies to Helen, stating that he must go on a business trip. Mr. Incredible is back. He is living the Dream again. This is Bob's first Call to Adventure.

Once Mirage has given Bob instructions, he arrives on the island. He successfully fights and terminates the powerful Omnidroid. At this point devolution starts to mature into evolution within the whole family. Bob is loving his great new life. His old self has dissolved and this is symbolized through him getting a new suit. This suit represents the start of a new beginning or a new journey. Helen however knows nothing of his new life. The fact that Mr. Incredible gave into temptation is not...
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