A Heartburn Remedy

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What is heartburn and when does it occur?
Heartburn occurs when hydrochloric acid, which is used to digest food in the stomach, backs up into the oesophagus causing an irritation. Normally the oesophageal sphincter would close tightly, not allowing the acid to back up. If this valve, however, is not functioning, the acid can slip by. Occasionally heartburn can be associated with hiatus hernias.

Describe how the heart remedy works, including a description of what a neutralisation reaction is and word equations for the reactions you carried out. Heart remedies work by lowering the amount of acid the stomach produces in order to digest the food. It's usually called Acid Reflux which allows the acid to enter the oesophagus where it then irritates the oesophagus giving you that burning feeling. Most cases I know of control this acid by using medication for it once a day. Like Prilosec which can be bought over the counter now. It used to be prescription drug. in the mean time if you have heartburn take 1 teaspoon of baking soda (soda not powder) in a small 8 ounce glass of water. Relief will happen usually in just a few minutes.

Neutralization is a chemical reaction (also called a water forming reaction since a water molecule is formed during the process) in which an acid and a base or alkali (soluble base) react to produce salt and water (H2O). During the process, hydrogen ions H+ (a bare proton) from the acid (proton donor) or a hydronium ion H3O+ and hydroxide ions OH− or oxide ions O2− from the base (proton acceptor) react together to form a water molecule H2O. In the process, a salt is also formed. Neutralization reactions are generally classified as exothermic since heat is released into the surroundings. However, an example of endothermic neutralization is the reaction between baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar (acetic acid) (or any other weak acid).

Hydrochloric Magnesium Magnesium Carbon Acid + Carbonate Chloride + Dioxide + Water

Hydrochloric Zinc Zinc Carbon Acid + Carbonate Chloride + Dioxide + Water

Hydrochloric Calcium Calcium Carbon Acid + Carbonate Chloride + Dioxide + Water

Using the evidence from your experiments, state which ingredient would be best for the heartburn remedy. Say how you used your results to reach this conclusion.

According to the results that my group ended up with, Magnesium carbonate was the best ingredient for a heartburn remedy. My results helped me reach this conclusion because magnesium carbonate needed the least amount of spatulas to neutralise the acid. This indicates it would be the best antacid for heartburn remedy in reality.

However, comparing this with the average for class results, a different antacid came out as the best ingredient. This was Zinc Carbonate. On average, Zinc Carbonate only required 3.3 spatulas to neutralise the acid whilst Magnesium Carbonate required 4.4. So according to these results Zinc Carbonate is better than magnesium carbonate.

Overall, I think both of the results aren’t very accurate or reliable. My reason for the first set of results is because they are only one pair of results. We did not repeat the experiment again, and we made mistakes like counting errors or filling up the spatula too much/too less. With the class results, the mistakes were probably greater. To add to this, some of the results were very bizarre therefore affecting the average results in a major way. The amount of hydrochloric acid added in varied from group to group. This is the most important factor because the more acid there was the more spatulas needed to neutralise it. Some groups could have used tons of acid and others could have used a bit resulting inaccurate and unreliable results.

Describe how your team worked collaboratively to decide on...
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