A Happy Productive Employee

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  • Published : January 14, 2007
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A Happy Productive Employee
Every company needs a motivation and incentives for the employees. Incentive programs can assist the company in helping the employees enjoy their work a bit more, and happy employees are more productive and work better with each other and the company's clients. (Incentives/Appreciations)

Incentives alone are not enough. Having the lines of communication is a major goal for managers and upper management. Employees must know they can discuss work issues with management without fear of being ignored. If an employee comes to managers with a concern, get directly to the significant part. Do not assure them this will pass, instead consider several options for solving the situation.

An organization should make sure there is open communication between all the department, employees, and staff. The easiest way to motivate employees is to have more say in his or her assignments. Find out what procedures they think could be changed for efficiency, productivity, or ease and see if it is possible to make those changes. Give you employees more freedom in their work environment and make changes only when real problems begin. (Incentives/Appreciations)

Once communications are open, suggest an incentive program and make a list of possible rewards. Have the employees vote to determine which rewards they would like to receive. Pay attention to the voting. If few employees vote, few care, and you may have other issues to resolve with your employees before implementing the program. Remember, cash is rarely good motivation. This may win the company a new hire, but current and Long-standing employees prefer appreciation and rewards, which do not seem like a paycheck or bonus.

Think of how many people consider a year-end bonus as part of their normal pay. To motivate them you need more, not to spend more, just something that cannot be thrown in with a paycheck. Do not throw the rewards around aimlessly. There are only so many gold stars you can...
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