A Hanging by George Orwell

Topics: Prison, A Hanging, Burma Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: May 25, 2013
In the article " A Hanging " written by George Orwell, the main idea is that warden and jailer in Burma should give prisoners a good time and mood to die or even not to die but with other punishment. Before the hanging, prisoners are alive like us. Each time they avoid the puddles and screaming in front of the gallows, the author feels an unspeakable wrongness. The author wrote this story with a emotional tone. He tried to pursaude us in a tone and mood but not actual detial. " I saw the mystery, the unspeakable wrongness, of cuting a life short when it is in full tide" (19). I think it was because he wanted us to think and agree what he was trying to say, which is we shouldn't kill a prisoner. The author thought that prisoners should be given a chance when they knew they were wrong and trying to change themselves. I think he was doing very well to show his purpose by showing only the negatives of the punishment that make readers think the only thing which we should always give prisoners a chance. The word choices of Orwell were carefully chose and excellent .One example is how Orwell described the setting, “a sodden mornin, sickly light, like yellow tinfoil.” These words directly shows the mood of Orwell in the whole process of the hung. He also said the prison was like an animal cage. Which was trying to say no freedom for prisoners was already enough for punishment. There are three main characters: Orwell, the prisoner and the dog. Starting from the dog. “It had made a dash, for the prisoner… trying to lick its face.”showing that even a dog would acting nice to prisoners and saw that life is a life. It is very strong evidence to state that a life shouldn't be taken away. Orwell said " come out and have a drink " shows that they had to hide their sadness by doing other things. Lastly the prisoner's action implied that he shouln't be hang. In conclusion, Orwell was doing well to pursuade the readers to against death punishment. However, the article was lack...
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