A Guide to Strategic Model in Performance Management for Sarajevo...

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A Guide to Strategic Model in Performance Management for Sarajevo Airport

By | November 2012
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A Guide to Strategic Model
in Performance management
for Sarajevo Airport

Prepared for:
The Board of Directors
Sarajevo Airport

Prepared by:
Chengna Shi
A consultant
Griffith College Dublin
South Circular Road, Dublin8
20th April 2012

Table of contents
1.3Source of data:4
2Porter’s generic competitive strategy model5
2.2How the airport is different from its competitor6
3Commerce bank7
3.1Strategy formation and mission statement7
3.2Six strategic objectives8
3.3Future operations9
4Cargo handing services project10
4.1Probability analysis10
5Analysis Sarajevo Airport11
5.1Strategic analysis11
5.2Recommendations of future operations:17


This report is prepared for the Board of Directors of Sarajevo Airport which will analyze some performance management. Firstly, it is going to discuss how it can achieve the sustainable competitive advantage using Porter’s generic competitive strategy model. And then it will give some suggestions to the board of directors. Secondly, there are some advices to the Board, if commerce bank becomes one of the shareholders. It includes the strategic approach and mission statement might be challenged; some objectives might be opposed and future operation might be affected. Thirdly, on the basis of the calculation results, it will give some recommendations on the finance condition in 2014. At last, the report will analyze the airport current position, drawing on the present economic climate in Europe, applying relevant theories and models. According to the current situation, it will give the future direction of the company.

1 Purpose

This completed report is written for the Board of Directors of Sarajevo Airport. It...

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