A Green Factory Sustainable Solution

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary2

Company Description2

Overview of the Company2


Core Competency3

Situation Analysis3

SWOT Analysis3

Market Trend Analysis5

Environmental Analysis6

Competitive Analysis7

Marketing Objectives and Goals8

Identify and Evaluate Opportunities8

Segmentation and Target Market Analysis8

Positioning & Market Mix9

Financial Analysis11

Marketing Organization12

Evaluate Performance13


Appendix A- Stakeholder Analysis14

Appendix B- Proposed Mug Style15

Appendix C – Financials16

Executive Summary

The Green Factory has developed a brand new product, the Express-O-Cup, which will change consumption patterns and reduce disposable cup waste. The Express-O-Cup is a revolutionary product and plan combination that creates an incentive for using reusable mugs by creating an exchange between the consumer and our firm. The cup itself will be beta-tested on the Queen’s campus and be sold at The Campus Bookstore. Once the mug has been purchased for $10.49, a plan can be purchased for one semester at $74.49, two semesters (full-year) at $130, or the mug can be purchased without a plan. The set plan allows the customer to consume unlimited coffee refills with their Express-O-Cup at Common Ground, The Tea Room, and on-campus Tim Horton’s and Sodexo locations. The thermos will be clear with a label insert, which will indicate the chosen plan and will be easy for vendors to recognize. The main target market is Daily Coffee Drinkers near Queen’s campus, which approximate to 11 180 individuals. This product will be promoted though the use of social media, print advertisements and sales promotions.

Company Description

Overview of the Company

Express-O-Cup is a beverage consumption program established by The Green Factory. Stitchy Lizard Embroidery and Digitizing Company, based out of Toronto, will supply the mugs and label designs[1], which will be sold at the Queen’s Bookstore. These mugs will have unlimited free refills with the purchase of a plan, which function by semester or year. The Queen’s themed label will indicate the chosen plan and will be altered upon expiration for the coffee vendors’ reference. The set fee for the mug will be $10.49 and the plan will be $74.49 per semester, or $130 for fall and winter. By providing an incentive, people will be motivated to reduce the use of disposable cups. The Green Factory aims to collaborate with Sodexo, Common Ground, Tim-Horton’s, and The Tea Room, as these are the largest beverage providers on campus. Vendors will be paid their cost plus an 879% premium on every coffee sold through Express-O-Cup. Queen’s campus will be used as a beta-test before launching the program at other Canadian campuses.


The Green Factory aims to minimize the use of disposable cups on campus by providing an incentive for individuals to alter their consumption patterns through financial savings created by purchasing and using the Express-O-Cup[2].

Core Competency

The Green Factory specializes in innovative solutions for social issues.

Situation Analysis

SWOT Analysis


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