A Great Place to Work

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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Is your company a great place to work? Why?

People always aim to work in big companies. Not all big companies are a great place to work. But there are only a few. I feel that my company is really a great place to work. My company's hallmark don’t always revolve around perks and luxuries. It’s not all about the bonuses. We employees feel happy for being respected by our bosses, confident in our job and valued for our expertise. Every employee in our company are accepted for the person who they are which created an easy and inexpensive way to create happy employees. One big aspect that has increased Job satisfaction is the work flexibility. My company offers numerous opportunities to publicize great efforts of colleagues. It provides recognition for extraordinary performance and motivates others to follow example, and best practices that help others succeed. My company's workplace is built through the day-to-day relationships that employees experience. We employees believe that we work for great organizations and we consistently ·TRUST the people we work for ;

·Have PRIDE in what we do;
·And ENJOY the people we work with.

My company invests a lot in their employees in the form of training, health and wellness program, outdoor fun events with team. Generous compensation and benefits, quality of life initiatives, and training opportunities reflect how much my company value the employees. My managers are more people oriented , than work oriented.They encourage employees to voice their opinions , and suggestions toward improvements. My company beats the competition of all other companies by creating a positive work environment -- the type of atmosphere that motivates and respects employees, rewards and cultivates their skills, and fosters their growth and professional development. My company publicizes the core values of the organisation and thus provides an opportunity for employees to connect with the organization on another level, particularly when...
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