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A Great Day

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A great day

The clock says 3 seconds. 3 seconds before everything I have ever worked for in life is gone. Why has my God forsaken me are the words a regular person would utter but not me. My God has brought my people out of Egypt and given me a family more precious than any Gem or diamond. I can only say thank you to God that my final day began in the way it did. My mother’s fresh baked bread filled the house with its pungent aroma. Caressing the inner most part of my nose as it swept into my room and dragging me from a horrifying nightmare filled with clowns and frowns. I awoke to my mother’s stubborn yet loving voice: “Jacob get up and eat your breakfast and I need you to go milk the goat when you’re done”. An obnoxious routine which I was no stranger to, the only hard part was forcing my stone like body out of the six foot lofted bed. So I walked slowly to the kitchen dragging my feet as though they were made with iron cement until I got to the kitchen table. There I saw the fruits of my mom’s hard labor a table packed with fresh baked bread, baked to perfection with a flakey exterior and a sweet honey interior, fresh picked olives as though they came straight out of the garden of Eden both plump and juicy, cheese which had a bright vivid yet cooling white color to it, and steamed broccoli which was my personal favorite. Full of appreciation I asked my mother thank you mom, but why did you out do yourself like this? And she replied simply you deserve it plus today is your big day. Still a little groggy from my sleep I realized the truth of her words. Today was the day I was supposed to perform my new poem at a huge PeaceNgo designed to try and end the conflict between us and Palestine. If everything went perfect it would lead to peace after centuries of hate and dehumanization between our two groups. It took me six years of intense writing to get this opportunity of a life time but every second was worth it. Each sleepless night was haunted by fear of what...

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