A Gracious Plenty vs. the Firefly Cloak

Topics: Fiction, Writing style, Character Pages: 4 (1548 words) Published: December 6, 2012
A Gracious Plenty VS. The Firefly Cloak

“An experimental dip into magical realism…” (Matson) That is the perfect way to describe the novels, “A Gracious Plenty” and “The Firefly Cloak.” Sheri Reynolds has a very unique writing style in both of these stories that is admired by many. She uses different writing styles and elements to make her novels appealing to many diverse audiences. Reynolds uses the isolation of the main characters to set the tone and idea of the stories. Both of these novels feature characters that are in fact isolated and left by themselves. It makes you feel sorry for the characters and have a general connection with them giving the stories seriousness. She relates the theme to the characters isolation by bringing out the individuality in people and making you see not only what is on the outside of a person, but what is on the inside as well. Reynolds does a remarkable job with creating her characters this way. Finch and Tessa, from the novels, are both ideal examples of girls who were left alone and are now required to go within themselves to feel as if they can make it through alone. Sheri Reynolds’s writing style, themes, and use of elements in “A Gracious Plenty” and “The Firefly Cloak” are very similar and both reflect on isolation and independence of the main characters. Each character has a different story of how she ended up isolated and Reynolds does a nice job of bringing the explanation together with the rest of the story. Her style has “more of the rich southern atmosphere and coming-of-age drama.” Although “the drama is relatively quiet here, many teens will connect with Tessa Lee’s (from “The Firefly Cloak”) combined ferocity and vulnerability.”(Matson) In “The Firefly Cloak,” the two children have been abandoned and are left only with their mother’s firefly patterned bathrobe and a phone number. The characters are left to fend for themselves after being abandoned by their parents. However, in “A Gracious...
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